Today, payment safety has turned into a growing issue by the day. It has resulted from the ever-growing volume of goods and services that people can buy online and the increasing number of online scams. Eventually, the problem of payment security on the Internet is addressed in various ways, which is associated with partial or complete release of your personal data. This is why the use of a one time use visa card has become a real discovery!

Virtual Credit Card Numbers

A card number, also known as a single-use credit card number, can be defined as a one-time substitute for a real credit card. If something happens to this number, you can always block it and get a new one. The popularity of this form of payment is based on the principles of security and convenience. You can provide sellers with this number, instead of giving them the actual bank details. In case of any security issues, you can just cancel this one time use visa card.

This type of credit cards does not involve additional safety features compared to physical cards. Meanwhile, a virtual card number functions as the first line of defense that can be easily substituted in case of emergency. When using such VCC numbers, you shouldn’t forget that they do not contain full anonymity: only the number and some other information of your real credit card are hidden. The use of VCC numbers looks reasonable in the given circumstances:

Closing Note

This form of online payment has its pros and cons which depend on your demand and location. Although one time use visa card doesn’t have the most advanced security protection, it is quite convenient for average use.